An easy to learn tool for editing and retouching photos


The project PhotoInstrument was started in 2007 by Timur Fatykhov and is now maintained by a group of volunteers.

The first version was released on Oct 21, 2008.

2 ways to get yor license for free:
  1. If you are a blogger or a recognized member of some online forum, then you qualify for a free license.
    To claim your free license you need to post an overview of Photoinstrument, how you use it, what is good or bad about it. If you are an old forum member, you can recommend Photoinstrument to your community members by posting a message in relevant categories/topics.
    Once you posted your review, please contact us at support [(-AT-)] and provide link to your article. We will review the article and send you your free license.
    Please note. We will not grant you a license in case we find your post to be a blatant forum-spam, or if your blog is just a spam blog or is not active.
  2. Photoinstrument interface can be translated into many languages. You can help too by translating language definition file into your native language.
    The file to be translated is located in folder:
    C:\Program Files\PhotoInstrument
    Open file english.lng.txt with your text editor "notepad" and save it as your_language.lng.txt then start translating it. Just replace English language text in quotes, leaving numbers intact. For example the following line
    in German becomes:
    Send the translated file to support [(-AT-)] and we will send you a free license.